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Best Brawlers in brawl stars to Unlock

Each Brawler in Brawl Stars has their own unique abilities that make them even more amazing in their own ways. But familiarizing their abilities alone will not let them shine brightly on the battlefield. Instead, knowing and understanding the mechanics of each ability can help you get an easy win in every game you play.

It is normal to eye a great Brawler to master. That being said, we listed some of the S+ tier brawlers that can help you ace your game. Besides that, if you are interested in obtaining a best and easy Brawl Stars game experience, you can browse these Brawl Stars accounts for sale.


Starting off strong with Maisie, an Epic Brawler. This Brawler is one of the Marksman characters. Being in this class type, Maisie can deal great damage to enemies upon a successful hit. Aside from the damage, speed is also her accomplice. Her attacks may start slow but as they go further, the faster it becomes.

Maisie’s gadgets are ‘Disengage!’ and ‘Finish Them!’. The Star powers are Pinpoint Precision and Tremors.


Fang, on the other hand, is a Mythic Brawl Stars Brawler under the assassin class. Simply looking at his stats, you can easily predict how strong Fang can be. He has high health, damage output, and movement speed. Although everything seems going well with Fang, his weakness is distance. His attacks are kicks which are short-distance attacks.

His gadgets are ‘Corn-Fu’ and ‘Roundhouse Kick’. For his Star Powers, these are Fresh Kicks and Divine Soles.


Bonnie is another Epic Brawler under the Marksman class. With his long attack range and high health, you can never go wrong with her. What makes Bonnie even deadlier is that upon having low health, the damage dealt by her cannonball increases.

Her Gadgets are ‘Sugar Rush’ and ‘Crash Test’. The Star Powers, on the other hand, are Black Powder and Wisdom Tooth.


The first best Legendary Brawler in the list is Chester under the Damage Dealer class. Chester is a little complicated to use because his Super is one of the five Supers. This means that it can either push back enemies, destroy them, or deal very high damage.

Chester’s Gadgets are ‘Spicy Dice’ and ‘Candy Beans’, paired with the Star Powers Bell ‘O’ Mania and Sneak Peek.


This is Belle, another Epic Brawler under the Marksman class. Compared to the previously mentioned Brawl Stars Brawlers who possess high damage upon a single attack, Belle has only a moderate amount of damage. However, what made Belle special is because of her long attack range. Plus, her attacks can bounce between nearby enemies giving her a quick reload.

The best Gadgets for Belle are ‘Nest Egg’ and ‘Reverse Polarity’, perfectly matched with the following Star Powers: Positive Feedback and Grounded.

So far, here are the top five best Brawl Stars Brawlers that you can try to unlock in the game. You are lucky if you have already unlocked them through the Brawl Stars Brawl Pass. If not, then you will have to spend some of your gems. You can go visit this site for Brawl Stars top up method.


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