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Critical tips for dealing with a car accident in Fort Lauderdale

Florida is among the states that have a no-fault system for car accidents. If you are injured in a crash in Fort Lauderdale, you have to seek compensation through your PIP coverage. There are some circumstances when you can step out of this system and sue the party responsible for your losses. When it comes to getting accident advice, you should always consult an attorney. Many law firms in Fort Lauderdale specialize in auto accident claims and can offer insights into the situation without an immediate payment. Here are some tips for dealing with a car crash.

Don’t flee

You may believe that the accident is a minor mishap and doesn’t need much attention, but this could result in criminal charges. Always pull over after a crash and check if someone needs help. Use the time to exchange info and contact details with other drivers at the scene.

Report the accident

Call the local police and report the incident. An officer will arrive to investigate further and gather details. You don’t have to blame the other party for the situation at all, but ensure to share relevant info. You will also need a copy of the police report for your claim.

Hire an attorney soon

As pointed out above, you have to get an experienced lawyer on your side. Florida laws concerning car accidents are confusing, and victims don’t often understand how to recover the maximum compensation. When you hire an attorney sooner, they have more time to investigate and collect evidence.

Avoid giving a recorded statement to the insurer

Insurance companies are not interested in paying you a fair settlement. Instead of negotiating with the claims adjuster or giving a recorded statement, let your attorney take care of the claims process. They will also take care of the paperwork and procedural work.

Don’t post on social media

Even if you share everything on Facebook and Instagram, don’t post details about the crash. Until you recover a settlement or the procedure has ended, keep things private and only talk to your attorney about facts that matter. Also, don’t seek advice from others.

Don’t underestimate the claim

Your lawyer will evaluate every detail to determine the compensation you should get, and it is best that you let them do the complicated calculation. If there is room to sue the liable driver, the attorney will take steps and work on filing a lawsuit, for which you have four years in Florida.

Ask the attorney to educate you about the state laws.


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