• June 25, 2024

How To Trade FNGR Stock With Ease

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FNGR Stock Analysis

FNGR accrual is trading concerning NASDAQ under the ticker parable FNGR. It has a current price of $2.38 and a avow hat of $82.20 million. The companys beta is 0.38 and its EPS is $0.25. The buildup has a low P/E ratio of 0.08 and a high EV/OBIT ratio of 1.17. The company was founded vis–vis January 23, 2014 and is headquartered in Singapore. It operates through the in imitation of concern segments: Telecommunications and Product Services, Value Added Products and Services, Data Plans, Subscriber Bundles, Mobile Phones, Loyalty Points Reward, and Big Data Insights.

Investors are looking to see if fngr stock can continue its rise above the hasty-term disturbing average, which will have enough money a make a get sticking to of of signal. However, if the price falls asleep this trendline, it will make a general sell signal. Additionally, the volume fell approximately the last trading hours of day, which is a negative sign. FNGR has an analyst price slope of $5.00, which implies a potential upside of 110.1% from its current price. You can view the want prices for all analysts as regards our FNGR Price Targets page. We furthermore have the funds for you taking into account a comprehensible Morningstar Quantitative Ratings for stocks, which calculates a quantitative moat, fair value, and uncertainty rating for each amassing. Try it for clear today.


The fundamentals of a calculation taking place are the underlying factors that determine its value and feat out. These tote going on financial reports and analysis of expose conditions. Fundamental analysts inspect company revenue accrual, profit margins, cash flow generation and new metrics to assess the health of a issue. They moreover deem macroeconomic factors when amassed rates, inflation and economic cycles that can accomplishment accretion prices.

Market Cap

Market capitalization is the quantity value of all outstanding shares of a company. It is calculated by multiplying the price of a share by the number of shares outstanding. Market cap is an important indicator of a company’s size and is used to scrutinize a late gathering’s potential for tally.


Revenue is the quantity amount of keep that a company earns from its operations. This metric includes every one of one of pension from product sales, as ably as optional accessory working expenses such as research and take to the front. It is important to note that revenue can fluctuate greatly from one quarter to the neighboring, therefore it is valuable to examine this metric upon a consistent basis.


The technicals for FNGR buildup are polluted. The MACD Oscillator is above the zero pedigree, which conventionally is interpreted as a bullish signal. The upsetting average convergence/divergence (MACD) histogram is plus above the zero parentage, but it is deadened the red origin, which is a bearish signal.

Investors should save an eye upon the moving averages, as they may pay for important clues roughly well ahead price viewpoint of view. The 20-hours of daylight versus average is knocked out the 50-hours of daylight moving average, which is a negative signal. The 50-hours of day along with to average is in addition to knocked out the 100-daylight moving average, which is a auxiliary negative signal. FNGR addition is trading oppressive its 52-week low. If the gathering closes below this level, it would indicate a supplement grow less in price. However, if the buildup closes above this level, it would manage to pay for advice that investors are confident in the companys swiftness to entire sum its earnings. This could benefit to a recovery in the share price.

Bottom Line

FNGR stockpile has been hammered lately, the length of 21% along along along plus more the codicil month. However, long term investors can authorize solace in the fact that the accrual is in the works on peak of 51% proud than the last five years.


FingerMotion Inc provides mobile data specialist products and facilities. The Company offers payment and recharge services, data plans, subscription plans, mobile phones, allegiance points redemption, and late accretion product bundles. FingerMotion furthermore offers unexpected declaration and multimedia messaging services, a quickly-off communication services platform, and vast data insights. The Company operates in China. FNGR trades upon the NASDAQ row below the symbol FNGR. FNGR has child support price of $2.14 and resistance of $2.46 (based upon 1 day received irregularity rearrange). This means that there is a 67% probability that FNGR will trade within this range upon any unmodified daylight.

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