• May 25, 2024

Learn about the 5 most dangerous malware in the world


Many Windows have been attacked by various hackers and top malware in recent years. According to Microsoft’s Windows Defender report, more than 31 billion malware threats were detected and blocked last year. This antivirus checks more than 24 trillion signals per day. But again, much malware is infecting the systems.

The sophisticated methods of top malware 2022 and the new ways for hackers to spread it, such as the blockchain platform, Google Ads, etc., have made the risks of malware much higher.

In this article, we are trying to introduce top malware 2022 that has caused the loss of billions of dollars.


Redline is a Stealer payload that targeted many crypto wallets and bank accounts in 2020-2022. Redline Stealer module detected by major antivirus but hackers using the malware crypter for bypassing antivirus.

In short, Crypter malware encrypts the Redline and makes it fully undetectable or FUD for any antivirus.

Redline works like Pony or Raccoon in the first analysis but it causes financial loss and data leakage in darknets. It is coded by the Russian team and it does not work in Russian-speaking countries.


EMotet is known as the most dangerous malware in the world. EMotet is a Remote Access Trojan or RAT that infected thousands of systems in recent years.

This malware has many features and plugins with which the hacker can combine multi malware and make the victim’s system suffer big problems and makes it strongly hard to remove.

Some analysis shows it used a polymorphic crypter and changed its codes and process smartly.

But many hackers now use Emotet with FUD crypter yet.


Formbook is another top Stealer 2020-2021 that spreads by MAAS (malware as a service). So any newbie hacker uses it to steal bank accounts and crypto wallets. It seems the coder was arrested but the cracked versions are working now on the darknet. Hackers use new zero-day exploits and vulnerabilities to inject the Formbook process into the Windows process. So, antivirus has a big problem with this Stealer yet.


WannaCry is known as the best ransomware of 2022. WannaCry uses zero-day exploits and vulnerabilities and infects more than 500000 Windows in 2022.

WannaCry is known as WCry or WanaCryptor too. Antivirus can’t clean it quickly. because it encrypts itself and changed the process continuously. Hackers encrypt WannaCry with Crypter 2022 to bypass Windows Defender & ESET to keep the payload FUD in Runtime results.

5.Agent Tesla

Agent Tesla is a Keylogger malware that collects any victim typing on Windows and it is password stolen. It has a filter message for sorting the user accounts and passwords.

Agent Tesla is a common keylogger on the darknet since 2014 and hackers try to encrypt it with crypter malware too. it is stolen more than 700000 personal data in recent years and flagged as a malicious file by many antiviruses.

The analysis of cyber security experts shows that top malware 2022 has used the methods of these 5 dangerous malwares to produce and code new malware. The challenge facing the cyber security space has increased tremendously with this new malware.


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