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Path Of The Artisan: Crafting In Exile

Crafting in Path of Exile is more than just a fun way to improve your gear. It’s a vital strategy that can help you power through difficult areas of Wraeclast. Fossil crafting lets you obtain specific modifiers, while catalysts can increase the chances of hitting new mods when influencing jewelry. Besides these basics, there are many other ways to improve your equipment using various currency items in the game.


The crafting system in Path of Exile offers a variety of ways to modify your gear. Basic transmutations and harvest crafts can be very effective, but it’s a good idea to experiment with different strategies. In addition, advanced crafting techniques like reforging and using veiled chaos orbs can improve your equipment even further. However, these methods require a lot of Exalted Orbs and are risky. So it’s important to carefully consider whether or not they are worth the investment. Ultimately, the best way to upgrade your gear is by using the Crafting Bench. This special station can be accessed after unlocking it in the Hideout and allows you to add crafted modifiers to items. The resulting items can be incredibly powerful and can drastically improve your gameplay experience.

Each item in the game has a pool of possible modifiers, which is defined by its base type and Item Level. These modifiers can be added as prefixes or suffixes and can change the item’s stats in a variety of ways. For example, a spell damage increase might be added to a weapon as a prefix while an extra hit point might be added as a suffix. A key factor in crafting is the presence of specific modifiers called tags that limit how other modifiers can be added to an item. For example, a weapon’s tag might state “Cannot roll Attack Modifiers” or “Cannot roll Caster Modifiers.” These modifiers can be protected by the use of bench crafts such as an Orb of Corruption and the Orb of Annulment.

In addition, the Crafting Bench can also be used to enhance existing items by adding new modifiers. These new modifiers will be grouped together in a set, and it’s important to understand which group an individual mod belongs to. This can help when crafting as you will know which modifiers to prioritize when adding them.

Set Items

In Path of Exile, a powerful set can mean the difference between grinding for days and getting the gear you need to win. Understanding how to make the most of these items is a combination of knowledge, strategy and luck. The item base is the starting point for a weapon or armour, and determines its class, rarity and base modifiers. It also determines which slots can be filled with affixes, whether it can have sockets and links, and its level. Different items have different base modifiers, with each rarity providing a different number of mods. The three main types of base modifiers are prefixes, suffixes and augments. Using these in conjunction can create extremely powerful and unique items.

These base modifiers can be augmented with a variety of currencies, allowing them to become even more powerful. These currencies include basic currencies, crafting materials and advanced augmentations. Each of these is unique in its own way, and each can be used to create a variety of different builds for each type of character. Advanced augmentations are particularly useful, as they allow for very specific modifier groups to be added to an item. These can be a great tool for enhancing items that would otherwise be difficult to make, such as weapons with multiple blue sockets and a high amount of damage.

The bench is an essential tool for any player. It’s a key component of the progression system, and can be used to drastically boost a player’s build. By understanding how to use the bench, players can upgrade normal items to rare with guaranteed properties, manipulate item levels and mods for powerful early game equipment, prioritize rushing the “amplified” node on the essence map, and unlock god-like weapons in the endgame.


Runewords are unique weapons that you can socket with a set of runes to create. The quality of the base item and the runes you socket them with will determine the quality of the resulting runeword. Each runeword has a unique mechanic that can enhance the weapon in some way, but they all offer a large amount of damage for the price they require. They are a good choice for players who want to add some additional damage to their character without investing too much into the build. There are also a number of other runewords that can be crafted in the game to provide some niche support or extra damage to certain builds. These are not as powerful as the recommended ones listed below but they are still worth considering for those looking to expand their range of possible builds.

This is a great runeword for a melee mercenary given the massive hit recovery and defence boost and the fact it has both crushing blow and a light crowd control effect. It is a little expensive to craft though given the level requirement and lack of an indestructible bonus.

Mine Colonies

The MineColonies mod adds a new dimension to the game that allows players to build their own town in Minecraft. Once a player has reached level 30, they can start placing huts and building structures to form their colony. These huts will then automatically spawn citizens that will provide workers to construct and upgrade buildings. The huts can be upgraded to allow more workers and increase construction speeds. There are also several buildings that can be constructed to further expand the colony. Crafting in Path of Exile is a complex and valuable skill, but it requires careful selection of items and strategies to maximize its potential. The mechanics of crafting change the basic rules and interactions of currency items and tools, shaping gear and the economy. Modifiers are key to crafting, but they can be expensive and unpredictable. Players can utilize techniques such as reforging and veiled chaos orbs to change modifiers on items, while harvest crafting and imprints offer alternative ways to modify gear.

Fossil crafting is an effective way to fine-tune your jewelry in path of exile, allowing you to add or remove modifiers from crafted items. Catalysts, on the other hand, are like the seasoning for your jewelry – they can boost unique ring stats or target specific gem modifiers.


In addition to these core gameplay elements, the mod pack features a variety of unique and set items, as well as legendary runewords. The mod also features a number of unique maps, which are instanced dungeons that reward the player with high-level loot and experience.

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