• July 13, 2024

Privacy Policy

Welcome to the biggest web portal named manhwaxyz which offers the topmost charming and updated news daily. “Privacy Policy” means some set of processes that describes how your information is collected and how it is safely stored in our server to offer you a smooth website scrolling experience. We retain the right to modify our Privacy Statement at any time. Changes, modifications, additions, or deletions shall be effective immediately upon notice, which may include sending an email to registered users’ e-mail addresses and displaying the amended Policy on the site.

User information may also be used by https://manhwaxyz.net and its partners to personalize content and adverts, provide social networking features, track user preferences, analyze traffic, and provide similar services and content.

A Privacy Policy Stands For?

A privacy statement outlines how a business or website collects, manages, and processes data about its customers and visitors. It indicates whether the data is kept private or whether it is shared or sold to third parties. Personal data concerning an individual may include:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Age
  • Race
  • Nationality

Names, photographs, pins, likes, email addresses, and phone numbers are all considered personal information that users willingly provide. If you have any requests, concerns, or questions about this Privacy Statement or your user information, please contact us as indicated in our contact us section.

Data Privacy And Protection Policy 

Information that we collect about you as a result of your use of our websites, mobile applications, or other online services or products is covered by this Data Privacy and Protection Policy. It’s possible that some of this data is considered personal information.

The date at the top of this Data Privacy and Protection Policy will be updated if we make any changes. Please review this Data Privacy and Protection Policy whenever you use our websites, devices, mobile applications, or other online products and services so that you are aware of our data handling methods and how you can help protect your privacy.

The user information collected by https://manhwaxyz.net is freely submitted by the user or with their agreement. We gather, use, and share your user information to improve, personalize, and enhance your online experience.

Automatically Gathered Data By Us

Personal Information: If you’re enrolling for one of our product groups or filling out a form to get more information on a certain product, we’ll need to know your name, email address, and phone number. By providing this information, we can better meet your needs and customize the information we provide you about services.

IP Address: It helps us identify you when we have a record of your IP address. IP addresses may also be used to diagnose server issues, operate our websites, and gather broad demographic statistics to gauge interest in our products.

Cookies: When you visit our website, a little text file known as a “cookie” is downloaded to your computer or mobile device and stored on your hard drive. The data stored in the cookie may be connected to other information you supply to us. Using a cookie, we can identify you as a previous user of our website and link your usage of our website to any other information we have about you.

Do not use the manhwaxyz site if you do not consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technology. Disabling cookies may damage your experience on the manhwaxyz site.

What Is A Cookie, And What Are They Used For?

Cookies are small text files that are used to identify your computer when you are connected to a computer network, such as when you enter a login and password for the first time. In order to recognize and optimize your web browsing experience, HTTP cookies are utilized.

When you connect to a server, the server creates a cookie that contains your personal information. You and your computer’s unique ID are attached to this data.

What Purposes Are Cookies Having?

In order to improve your online experience, websites employ HTTP cookies. It would be cumbersome for you to re-login every time you left a website, or to rebuild your shopping basket if you mistakenly close the page. Internet browsing would not be complete without cookies.

Session control and administration—Websites can remember individual login information and preferences, like sports versus politics, thanks to cookies.

Personalization—cookies are used primarily to target you with personalized advertising. When you visit a site, cookies collect information about what you do or don’t like and use that information to target advertisements to you.

Tracking—With cookies, shopping sites can see what items customers have already looked at and suggest new items they might like, all while keeping items in customers’ shopping carts. They are commonly used to help websites run better and to alert site owners.

Personal Information Shared By Visitors

We abide by all applicable federal and state laws and regulations when it comes to safeguarding and making use of your private information. We may share personal information if compelled by law or legal process, but we will always make an effort to get your permission before doing so and get it. Personal information may also require your permission before it may be shared.

To protect the rights, property, or personal safety of any individual, we may share personal information if we feel it is essential to investigate, prevent, or take action against fraud. We have no way of knowing how these third parties will use or disclose your personal data.

If you do so, manhwaxyz may use the user information for the purposes mentioned in this privacy and policy statement. Also, if you supply any user information via an advertiser campaign, be aware that you are directly providing that advertiser with that information. If you join, we will ask for your name and email address. We use this info to notify winners and award prizes. It is possible that we will utilize a third-party service provider to conduct these studies. We will not share your user data with third parties unless we offer you prior warning and choice.

We will notify you if we amend our Privacy Statement and it is significant. We will contact you by email or by posting a notice on this site if we make significant changes.

Will Your Data Be Secured Or Not?

Yes, a 100% guarantee on this issue that your data will be totally safe and secure even in the long run. Your data may be transmitted to and stored outside Bangladesh, and processed by people working for us or one of our vendors. Workers in support or third-party services. With your submission, you agree to this transmission, storage, or processing.

Your data is saved on secure servers. All payment transactions will be SSL encrypted. In the event we provide you with a password to access particular portions of our site, you are responsible for keeping this password secure. Please do not tell anyone your password. Your information will be retained for as long as necessary to meet the purposes set forth in this Policy or as required or permitted by law. Information may last longer in backup and business continuity copies.

If you have a privacy issue, please contact manhwaxyz directly and we will gladly work with you to resolve it. Find out how to reach us! If you and manhwaxyz cannot reach an agreement, we will engage in the dispute settlement procedures provided by Bangladeshi data protection authorities.

User Rights Under Our Privacy Policy

  1. The Freedom of Information
  2. Accessibility is the second right, followed by the right to rectification.
  3. The Right to Be Forgotten
  4. The Right to Restrict the Processing of Personal Data
  5. The Right to Data Portability is the sixth right to data portability.
  6. The Right to Object.
  7. The Right to Refrain from Using Automated Decision-Making Systems.

Incomplete or inaccurate personal information may prevent us from opening or maintaining your account or providing services to you. While we make every attempt to keep your personal information correct, complete, and current, you can help us out by promptly notifying us of any changes. We are informing you again that we have full right to change any rules and regulations in our privacy policy.