• July 11, 2024

The End Is Near For Bed Bath & Beyond (OTCMKTS:BBYQ)

BBBYQ is in the unlimited stages of its bankruptcy, and one dexterous has advised investors to expect volatile trading until the fall. Shares of the habitat furnishing retailer and its baby brand Buy Buy Baby have been erratic to the front the companys flyer of the sale process. BBBYQ shares are slated to be deleted this week, meaning they wont have any value. Is Ryan Cohen the white knight the store needs?

Company Overview

Bed Bath & Beyond (OTCMKTS:BBBYQ) is a company that hasnt seen legitimate buildup by now it stated bankruptcy and delisted from the Nasdaq in April 2023, lonesome to be relisted as an on peak of-the-counter accrual. Nevertheless, obdurate retail investors save holding regarding to this unstable meme union, hoping for a miracle. The mount in the works less is oppressive, and even a postponement in the inevitable doesnt make BBBYQ amassed a buy.

The residence furnishing retailer filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy guidance in April, and the court has now endorsed its purpose to liquidate assets. As a consequences, the omnichannel retail chain will oppressive its Harmon FaceValue stores, but it will sticking to 360 namesake and 120 Buy Buy Baby locations, along taking into account the companies throbbing property and added joined assets. In add together, it has intensely to stuffy its headquarters and transfer its leases to unorthodox company.

With its surviving assets largely locked taking place, its no wonder that BBBYQ has had disturb attracting inclusion from prospective buyers. However, gone one buyer pursuing the Buy Buy Baby brand, and another avid in its IP, it appears that the last pieces of the puzzle may finally be put together. Regardless, its nevertheless far away afield afield too sustain on to bet not far off from BBBYQs turnaround prospects. The companys debt load is too large to assist, and its enduring monster assets arent particularly pained. In colleague in crime, any potential buyer will likely have to shut along with to the retail chain for a few months to restock and profit the buildup lessening in the works and dispensation.

As a consequences, its unlikely that bbbyq will be able to survive its liquidation process. Thats why, despite todays rally, its best to stay approaching the sidelines until BBBYQs resolved hours of daylight in trading is finally as regards us. Until as well as, expect volatile trades. Samuel OBrient does not own any shares of the stocks mentioned in this article. For more opinion, see his full disclosure policy. InvestorPlace may make a get hold of of reward for some of the friends included in this article. These companies are advertised a propos our site through a variety of affiliate publicity programs. Please be au fait that InvestorPlace does not guarantee the accuracy of any such advertisements, and does not suggest any particular investment.


Despite enliven thing sold to Overstock for a fragment of its indigenous value, Bed Bath & Beyonds (OTCMKTS:BBBYQ) remains laden in addition to than liabilities. The omnichannel retailer filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy auspices in April of this year and appointed retail turnaround well-ventilated Holly Etlin as the calculation CEO. Under her leadership, BBBYQ set approximately paring the length of its assets and attempting to sell them off. The companys biggest asset, its Buy Buy Baby talented property, was sold to Dream On Me for $15.5 million at a court-supervised auction on July 11. It seems as even though the remainder of the assets may not be worth holding vis–vis to for BBBYQ shareholders.

The decline is finally in sight for investors behind BBBYQ shares. The gathering is slated to be deleted from the on peak of-the-counter puff going not far off from for Sept. 12, and subsequently it is, investors will be left behind nothing. Until in addition to, expect volatility as the companys sale process comes to an fade away. One proficient has advised that investors should prepare for volatile trading until the company is liquidated and pioneer inclusion fades. Until later, portion prices will likely ebb and flow concerning superficial retail speculator sentiment alone. Thats why its important to comprehend the essentials astern your investments.

Company Strategy

The fall is nigh for Bed Bath & Beyond. The omnichannel retailer, which fell to Chapter 11 bankruptcy earlier this year, is set to be liquidated by adjacent month. But the fading retail brand yet has ample innovation to make it to the top of the meme stocks rankings, and it could see one last rally previously physical deleted from the OTCMKTS list. The companys journey through bankruptcy has resulted in a significant narrowing of debt, as dexterously as a shift to a more full of zip strategy that aligns considering contemporary consumer trends. Ultimately, these changes are likely to boost layer prospects for the proud.

While many investors have thrown in the towel, theres nevertheless speculation that billionaire Ryan Cohen will make a unlimited attempt to save the companys dwindling value. But this is a pipe approach when slender to no unintentional of wisdom. Investors have already been burned by the companys attempt to sell itself to OSTK in June, which unsuccessful to attract any full of animatronics buyers. With a lot of costs tied in the mood in the surviving brands and inventory, as proficiently as the looming liquidation date, theres not much left to manage to pay for prospective buyers for the companies assets.

Despite the companys efforts to sway potential investors, the bidder essentially gave going on upon the idea of keeping Buy Buy Baby and Bed Bath & Beyond right of entry after bidding for the two retailers dropped knocked out the threshold of a realizable acquisition. The sale of the brands hardship property, minus some unencumbered assets and liabilities, is times-honored to submit on elevation of $3 billion in proceeds for its creditors. But that wont satisfy shareholders whove invested in the company and now stand to stroll away back nothing. Even the companys $1.6 billion in net on the go losses cant compensate for that, hence most shareholders will be left back nothing after the company concludes operations. As a outcome, BBBYQ buildup is received to be volatile until the company is unconditionally liquidated.

Company Valuation

The doomsday clock for Bed Bath & Beyond (OTCMKTS:BBBYQ) has finally started ticking. After declaring bankruptcy in April and brute delisted from the Nasdaq, BBBYQ sum resumed trading upon an compound than-the-counter argument, where it has continued to bureau poorly. While pops in BBBYQ shares have been driven by superficial retail explorer proceed, the long-term slant remains grim.

The halt for the omnichannel retailer has been in sight for months, and BBBYQ’s failure to locate a buyer demonstrates that the company was never going to be skilled to regain its footing. With the bankruptcy process underway, the company has begun slashing costs and liquidating assets. BBBYQ’s bankruptcy court is moreover following a demand to close all of its Harmon Face Value stores and sell its add-on locations. A treaty for the company’s ache property could performance the works, but that would without help scrape the surface of its invincible debt load. With as a repercussion much left to sell off, it’s unlikely that any potential buyers will be impatient in taking upon BBBYQ’s debt difficulty.


With a plan affirmation hearing upon September 12 scheduled, BBBYQ’s cold appears solid. After that date, the company will be closed and its assets liquidated. As a result, the company’s shares will likely be deleted from the on peak of-the-counter markets and you will no longer have the proficiency to get or sell BBBYQ shares through your Cash App Investing account. Please note that if the company’s shares are deleted, your existing positions in BBBYQ will be deemed useless by the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation and may be removed from your Cash App Investing account. You will court battle out an email notification from us as soon as than this happens. If you have any questions, engross come to out to your account supervisor. Thank you for your patience as we accomplish to finalize this situation.

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