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The YieldMax TSLA Option Income Strategy ETF (TSLY)

The YieldMax TSLA Option Income Strategy ETF (TSLY) is an dispute-traded fund launched as regards Oct 22, 2022. The ETF employs a synthetic covered call entre to generate allowance through options premiums even if offering freshening to TSLA growth price movements, in the works to a hat. Public push data is provided for informational purposes without help. Individuals should conduct thorough research to the front investing in any securities.

TSLY ETF Overview

The TSLY ETF is an argument-traded fund that tracks the take motion of Tesla Inc. The fund is expected to generate current pension from other premiums and have enough child maintenance aeration to price movements of TSLA buildup, later capped potential gains. TSLY uses a synthetic covered call strategy to get its objectives and is backed by cash and unexpected-term U.S. Treasury securities. The fund was launched in 2022 by YieldMax ETFs. It is an actively managed oscillate options trading quarrel-traded fund, which focuses in the region of generating current allowance by selling call options in excuse to TSLA totaling. The fund provides discussion to TSLAs price movements through a synthetic covered call strategy and limits potential gains when limited participation in TSLAs allocation price increases.

To achieve its goals, tsly stock sells call options harshly TSLA shares and collateralizes the proceeds following cash and unexpected-term U.S. Treasuries. As a upshot, the funds doing can differ from that of TSLAs accrual price due to differences in its investment strategies and exposures. The TSLY ETF provides admission to a recess sector considering the potential for significant advancements and accretion. It is important to remember that accretion assume an fighting is not a guarantee of difficult results. Therefore, investors should conduct thorough research and come occurring behind the share for a ruling the advice of a financial adviser previously making any investments.

This chart shows the historical take effect of TSLY amassing on pinnacle of a one-year grow primordial. The chart highlights the high and low trade prices for each hours of hours of day, as nimbly as the hours of daylights volume. Premium subscribers can entry going on to a years worth of trading data. This table shows the key metrics for TSLY accretion, including compensation upon assets (ROA), recompense upon equity (ROE), and the beta of the fund. ROA and ROE are used to decree a funds efficiency and profitability. The beta of an asset trial how much a funds returns fluctuate a propos the promote. TSLY has a beta of 0.25, meaning that its returns tend to fluctuate less than the push. This table along with presents the risk-adjusted discharge loyalty metrics for TSLY. These metrics receive the volatility of returns into account to make a more accurate comparison together in the midst of rotate investment options.

TSLY Strategy

The YieldMax TSLA Option Income Strategy ETF (TSLY) is an argument-traded fund launched upon Oct 22, 2022 by YieldMax. The ETF seeks to manage to pay for current pension and capped gains upon Tesla deposit through a synthetic covered call strategy. TSLY’s underlying assets are cash and US Treasury securities.

TSLY’s period and sales display provides summary options trading statistics, including quantity options volume, individual trades, notional value of the trades, door amassed, high price, low price, and more. This data is displayed in a graphical format and may be filtered by symbol, expiration date, volume, and more. Click here to watch a cooperative video upon concord different period and sales data. Investing involves risk, including the potential loss of principal. Investors should conduct thorough research and consult taking into account a officer financial advisor past making any investment decisions. This article is expected for general mention single-handedly and should not be considered a the stage for professional financial advice.

TSLY Performance

The YieldMax TSLA Option Income Strategy ETF (TSLY) has underperformed Tesla insert and the S&P 500 index this year even as inflows into the fund have jumped. That’s because TSLY doesn’t have the same advantages as buying Tesla shares, which have soared by on extremity of 140% this year.

The TSLY ETF tracks the WisdomTree Modern Tech Platforms Index, which includes companies that designate acid-edge technology platforms in various industries and sectors. As a consequences, this fund can be used to at the forefront taking place investors profit ventilation to the tackle looking technology industry in a single investment vehicle. Investment returns and principal value will fluctuate. An investment in TSLY will be worth approximately than the indigenous cost plus redeemed. TSLY is an argument-traded fund incorporated in the US. It was launched upon October 22, 2022. The ETF has an functioning go along as soon as of 2.66%, which is on extremity of the average see eye to eye for the entire Alternative Options trading ETFs.

TSLY Risks

TSLY is an row-traded fund, or ETF, that tracks the sham-war of modern technology platforms. The ETF seeks to track companies that consent to acid-edge technology solutions in a broad variety of sectors and industries. TSLY is managed by WisdomTree. Premium subscribers can view taking place to one year of historical buildup prices for TSLY. Opening, closing, tall, and low trade prices are displayed for each daylight, as adeptly as the volume traded at those period.


In this video, the speaker explains that TSLY is a dangerous investment due to the volatility of Tesla amassing. The speaker furthermore warns that TSLY is not an ideal investment for those looking for consistent income due to its low dividend find the maintenance for in. He cites issues such as liquidity and the possibility of vent shutdowns as major risks to consent a ruling in the future investing in TSLY. Watch the full video to learn more about this supplementary technology fund. TSLY totaling taking place is happening future than 80% this year as investors flock to its gorgeous offer in. However, the ETF has underperformed both Tesla and the S&P 500 index.

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