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Unveiling The Mystery: Who Killed Alison In Pretty Little Liars?


Pretty Little Liars, the hit television series, captivated audiences with its thrilling storyline and a web of secrets. At the heart of the show lies the mysterious death of Alison DiLaurentis, a popular teenager with a dark side. Throughout the series, the question of who killed Alison remained a central plot point, keeping fans on the edge of their seats. In this article, we will delve into the investigation, suspects, and ultimately reveal the shocking truth behind Alison’s murder.

Investigation and Suspects:

From the beginning, Alison’s death was shrouded in mystery. The initial investigation uncovered several suspects who had motives to harm her. Let’s explore some of the key suspects:

  1. Spencer Hastings: As one of Alison’s closest friends, Spencer had a tumultuous relationship with her. Jealousy and rivalry often defined their dynamic, leading to moments of tension. Spencer’s high intelligence and resourcefulness made her a prime suspect.
  2. Aria Montgomery: Aria had a secret relationship with her English teacher, Ezra Fitz, which was at risk of exposure by Alison. This potential threat gave Aria a motive to silence Alison permanently.
  3. Emily Fields: Emily shared a complicated history with Alison. Conflicted feelings of love and resentment emerged as Emily struggled to come to terms with her own sexuality. These emotions raised suspicion surrounding her involvement in the murder.
  4. Hanna Marin: Hanna’s close friendship with Alison was marred by bullying and manipulation. Alison often used Hanna’s insecurities against her, which could have pushed Hanna to the breaking point.
  5. Mona Vanderwaal: Initially introduced as a social outcast, Mona’s transformation into “A” and her obsession with Alison made her an intriguing suspect. Mona’s unstable mental state and desire for revenge against Alison gave her motive.

The Shocking Truth:

After years of suspense and twists, the true identity of Alison’s killer was finally revealed in Season 7. The culprit behind her murder turned out to be her own mother, Jessica DiLaurentis. The revelation was a shock to both the characters and the viewers, as it exposed a hidden layer of darkness within the DiLaurentis family. Jessica’s motive stemmed from her desire to protect her other child, Charlotte, who was responsible for a series of crimes and threats against the girls.


The murder of Alison DiLaurentis in Pretty Little Liars kept fans guessing and theorizing throughout the series. The investigation of numerous suspects kept viewers on their toes, as they pieced together clues to uncover the truth. In the end, the shocking revelation of Jessica DiLaurentis as the killer showcased the complexity and darkness that lurked beneath the surface of the seemingly perfect town of Rosewood. Pretty Little Liars will forever be remembered for its gripping storyline and the enigma surrounding Alison’s murder.


  1. Why did the show creators choose Jessica DiLaurentis as the killer? The show creators wanted to deliver a surprising and unexpected twist to the audience. By revealing Alison’s mother as the killer, they added a layer of complexity to the storyline and shed light on the hidden secrets within the DiLaurentis family.
  2. Were there any hints throughout the series that pointed to Jessica DiLaurentis as the killer? Looking back, there were subtle hints scattered throughout the show that hinted at Jessica’s involvement. These clues included her protectiveness toward Charlotte and her willingness to go to great lengths to shield her from consequences.

How did Alison’s murder impact the other characters? Alison’s murder had a profound impact on the other characters. It fueled their determination to uncover the truth, brought them closer together, and forced them to confront their own secrets and

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