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Watch Korean Series That Make You Laugh, Cry And Sigh

Watch Korean series that make you laugh, cry and sigh. They can also help you power up your language skills. This fan-favorite romance shows off the ups and downs of deep friendships. The show also touches on office romances and affairs. This thriller reached #3 on Netflix’s Top 10 list in 2020. Featuring a thrilling zombie apocalypse and family drama, this show delivers on all levels.

1. Goblin

If you’re looking for a fun, creative, and soul-searching series, Goblin is the one for you. The show takes a familiar mythology and puts it into an interesting new context that has viewers hooked from start to finish. The story centers on a Goblin who is in search of his bride, the only one who can remove the sword that is piercing through his chest. But unlike the typical Goblin of Korean mythology, this modern-day goblin is not your ordinary monster!

A period piece set in the Joseon Dynasty, this drama follows a noble lady and her journey to find true love despite the societal risks. It also teaches viewers to embrace their own uniqueness and live authentically.

2. Memories Of Alhambra

If you want a K-drama that has a bit of magic and romance to it, Memories of Alhambra is the one for you. It follows a superhuman alien who lands on Earth and has several gifts bestowed upon him. It also references Francisco Tarrega’s eponymous classical guitar piece Recuerdos de la Alhambra, so it’s definitely a unique ดูซีรี่ย์เกาหลี. This military drama is loved for its up-close look at life in the special forces, and especially because of the chemistry between its stars. It also features a strong female lead who is determined to continue her fencing education despite societal expectations.

3. The Babel Group

Song Joong Ki as the Italian consigliere Vincenzo Cassano is just great – his character has a ruthless, almost anti hero quality to him that makes you root for him. He is a bad guy trying to catch or punish other bad guys and is just so likable. SKY Castle is all about the upper class competing against each other to send their kids to top ranked universities. It is a very funny and entertaining series that is not overly serious. Ok Ji-hyun plays the naive assistant of Hong Cha-young at Wusang Law Firm who is in fact the corrupt politician Jang Jun-woo’s half brother and previous chairman’s illegitimate son who now publicly acts as the owner of Babel Group. She likes Zumba dancing and appears good-natured, but is actually a mastermind.

4. Vagabond

Vagabond is a popular manga series that has been serialized in the seinen magazine Morning by Kodansha since September 1998 and compiled into 37 tankobon volumes. It is known for its dramatic action scenes and quiet moments that highlight the characters’ emotions. The plot revolves around the investigation of a plane crash that killed Cha Dal-Geon’s nephew and his wife. He teams up with Go Hae Ri, a National Intelligence Service agent who initially resents him for putting her daughter in danger but ends up becoming his partner.

The pair uncover a massive scheme of political corruption and corporate espionage that goes all the way to the top of government. This makes it difficult for them to pin the crash on someone else. In the end, Hong Sun-jo moves to take advantage of this crisis.

5. Happiness

Watch Korean series for a laugh, a cry or some heart-pumping entertainment. They can also help you power up your language skills. You can find many of these dramas on Kocowa, an ad-free streaming service that offers a 14-day free trial and a monthly subscription at $7 per month for unlimited viewing. It streams in both subtitled and dubbed versions, depending on your preferences.

A paragliding mishap lands South Korean heiress Yoon Se-Ri within North Korean borders. She meets Ri Jeong-Hyeok, a soldier who wants to help her stay safe. The sweeping romance is full of complicated family relationships and political intrigue. It also tackles the issue of North-South border issues. Fans of legal and action dramas would enjoy this show.


K-dramas aren’t just entertainment: They can also improve your competence in the language. Streaming options make it easy to fit them into your schedule. This drama about a heiress’s rocky romance with a soldier is full of complicated family relationships and political intrigue. It’s available on Netflix.

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