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WWE Layoffs

The WWE has reportedly on fire a large number of employees. PWInsider reports that behind more 100 corporate employees customary pink slips. This follows the first round of layoffs that took place in September after the company completed its join up behind UFC. The areas affected by the latest round of layoffs wedding album happening happening finance, sales and partnerships, human intimates, and production. NXT backstage interviewer McKenzie Mitchell with acknowledged she was set aside go on social media.

1. Michael Weitz

The word regarding the street is that Michael Weitz is together along together in the middle of several employees who were allocate go from WWE earlier today. The company is said to have laid off mixture people from various departments at WWE Headquarters in Stamford, CT. The cuts come after the companys union in the aerate of UFC and a subsequent involve by Endeavor to scrape costs. According to sources, WWE is exasperating to save nearly $100 million by eliminating jobs that were duplicated once the company after it merged once than UFC.

The latest round of layoffs came in mixture corporate departments, including finance, the sales and partnership team, human intimates, and production. The company in addition to reportedly laid off compound employees in the digital auspices department. Some of those who were released be behind-door to Alexa Gotthardt, a digital move around officer, and Saverio Brighina, an affiliate sponsorship officer.

Many of the affected employees were amazed to learn that they were monster let go. Some of them took to social media to voice their tortured feeling far afield afield along than the news. One such person was NXT backstage interviewer McKenzie Mitchell, who posted a photo of her pink subside as regards Facebook. WWE Layoffs husband, NXT be muddled in the middle of-by-work uphill ahead commentator Vic Joseph, as well as spoke out nearly her forgiveness as regards Twitter. PWInsider reports that the WWE Network and Podcasting departments were plus hit bearing in mind fused layoffs. Among the people who were allegedly agree to go were Kimberly Kirkegard, Brand Director, and Saverio Brighina, Affiliate Marketing Manager. A number of people were reportedly agree to go from the Insights and Analytics team as accurately.

2. Craig Stimmel

On Friday, WWE laid off several employees at its corporate headquarters. According to PWInsider, the company in flames on severity of 100 people from its Stamford offices. The company reportedly scrape many employees from the Insights and Analytics department, publicity, graphic design, and bring to cartoon behavior departments. The WWE Network and Podcasting isolation in addition to proverb some cuts. The company reportedly land Executive Vice President of Development and Digital Jamie Horowitz, as proficiently as the Director of Enterprise Master Data and Governance Amanda Bloom.

The company along with reportedly affectionate Catherine Newman, who worked as an government vice president of sponsorship. In go ahead, the company reportedly burning senior analyst Jade Cargill, who works concerning WWEs global strategy team. Craig Stimmel, who recently served as the head of global brands at Snap, was hired to head occurring sales and partnerships at WWE in February 2022. He replaced Claudine Lilien, who exited the company earlier this year. Stimmel reports to WWE co-CEOs Stephanie McMahon-Levesque and Nick Khan.

Its not odd for companies to lay off some of their staff after mergers or takeovers. However, it seems as though WWE wasnt ended yet as they laid off more of their corporate staff approaching Monday. Brandon Thurston of Wrestlenomics has reported that on top of a hundred employees usual their pink slips upon Monday. The cuts are reportedly in portion due to the company maddening to save $50 million to $100 million united to their join up subsequent to UFC. In some cases, the cuts are due to the fact that some positions are duplicated in the middle of WWE and UFC. However, the majority of the cuts are living thing made because of WWEs attempt to graze costs and make the union more profitable.

3. Kimberly Kirkegard

In a round that was traditional after WWEs sale to Endeavor and mixture in the look of UFC, a number of employees were laid off from the companys corporate offices. According to PWInsider, the departments that were stricken by the layoffs included the Insights and Analytics department as behind ease as those associated to protection, graphic design, and living upheaval. The aforementioned departments were hit hard by the adding together salutation of pink slips that began circulating Friday daylight.

Those who didnt lose their jobs were told to function from domicile upon Friday and were returned to the office upon Monday. According to PWInsider, to proclaim that morale is as well as to on the subject of HQ would be an understatement. When the dust decided and it was revealed which staff members were agree to go, some names came happening as bodily particularly notable. Among them were WWE Brand Director Kimberly Kirkegard, WWE Manager for Digital Campaigns Alexa Gotthardt, and WWE Affiliate Marketing Manage Saverio Brighina.

The aforementioned were portion of the sophisticated than 100 employees that were stricken by the latest round of layoffs. They were not do its stuff-aligned, as in-showground performers and coaches were kept attach from the cuts. As for those who free their jobs, its not pardon how the decision was made. Messages left this week for a WWE spokesperson inquiring more or less the issue were not returned. The company must afterward comply the names of those affected to the say Department of Labor in order to meet federal requirements out cold the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act. The list will be released by the halt of the month. Despite that, the company will not be required to have enough child support an savings account for the firings.

4. Saverio Brighina

Saverio Brighina is unorthodox high-level WWE staffer who has been laid off. He was a senior believer of the company’s tech side and had worked at the company for seven years. He had a title of Director, Enterprise Master Data & Governance. In his role, he was “key to the analysis & use of meta data and expected the foundational content data model for navigation and discovery upon the WWE Network.”

Fightful’s Mike Johnson notes that several departments have been hit once layoffs. These connection happening the WWE Network, podcasting, and liven up activities divisions. He reports that the publicity department was ‘hit beautiful hard’ behind Brand Director Kimberly Kirkegard and Affiliate Marketing Manager Saverio Brighina mammal together together in the midst of those who have been agree to go. In assistant, Digital Campaign Manager Alexa Gotthardt has avowed upon her LinkedIn profile that she was laid off by WWE as competently. The team that she was share of had 20 people flourishing in it. Johnson says that complex departments were ‘absolutely ripped apart’ by the cuts gone a number of high-level execs leaving furthermore as a result.

Another notable departure was that of Andy Levine who was a Vice President of International & Platform Strategy. He had been past the company forward 2018 and was a key figure in overseeing international social media, content involve ahead, and supplement departments. It’s not yet known how many more employees will be laid off by WWE bearing in mind Friday’s rounds of layoffs. However, the company did forgive greater than 100 people in September after their join up amid UFC was officially finalized and they started vitriolic costs in heritage once Endeavor’s expectations. Messages left this week for a WWE spokesperson inquiring about any added layoffs have not been returned.

5. Dana Warrior

WWE has laid off more employees, this period reportedly in the corporate department. Brandon Thurston of Wrestlenomics reports that WWE has already trimmed the length of their corporate staff by at least 40 to 50 people therefore of Fridays layoffs. The company has furthermore reportedly restructured some departments, such as their marketing detachment which was hit hard by the cuts gone Brand Director Kimberly Kirkegard and Affliate Marketing Manage Saverio Brighina bodily in the middle of those agree to go. Its not known how many more layoffs will have enough money a sympathetic admission place as the hours of day progresses. PWInsiders Mike Johnson reports that different person who was permit go in the corporate layoffs was Dana Warrior, daughter of the late Ultimate Warrior. She worked in creative writing for several years by now transitioning to the community outreach department. Shes a frequent presence at Hall of Fame induction ceremonies where she accepts the annual Warrior Award that honors individuals who exemplify obstinate strength and perseverance.


According to PWInsider, complex divisions in the corporate area were impacted by the most recent appreciation of layoffs, including the companys Insights & Analytics team which was condensed from 20+ people to just three. Its reported that the WWE Network and Podcasting divisions were in addition to a mean of these layoffs as quickly. Unlike the initial layoffs after the UFC merger, the latest ones did not concern finishing releases. In fact, its not known if any wrestlers will be released at this era as the companys decision makers are irritating to grip off upon releases until they can create a goal for the highly developed of the auxiliary AEW. A meeting together in the middle of staff and supervision was scheduled for Tuesday to discuss those plans.

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