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How to increase audience and promote your YouTube channel

YouTube channel

YouTube channel

How promotion and advertising will help to increase the audience on your YouTube channel? There are special techniques that can help you.


Promoting and advertising your YouTube channel: a guide for beginners

Promotion in YouTube has a huge number of ranking factors: likes, dislikes, user comments, viewing time, social activity and much more. More often than not, starting promotion is the most difficult part of the journey, so we decided to talk about the basics of promotion social media – instagram, youtube, tik tok and other https://lowcostsmm.com/ .

What prevents you from promoting your YouTube channel

The growing popularity of YouTube video hosting leads to more and more advertisers. But this has a downside: where there is money, there are people trying to earn it by creating hundreds of channels every day. You need to overcome this “initial barrier” of millions of newcomers. Here are three factors that can hinder you when promoting on YouTube:

  • High competition. Ten years ago, you could upload a video to the site with ideas that the users of the site had not yet seen. In return, you would get a lot of views, comments and rapid audience growth. But today the site is oversaturated with the same type of channels, and it is almost impossible to find a breakthrough idea: you have to stand out with charisma, elaboration of the topic, and expensive equipment.
  • Insufficient resources. To promote your channel, you will need a lot of effort and time. The latter can be reduced if you use paid promotion. Otherwise, it will take years before the channel begins to pay off the invested funds. If you do not have time to steadily shoot and upload new content, then interest in you will fall. Thousands of channels have remained in the nascent stage because some didn’t have the time and others didn’t have the money to record, process and properly real promote social media on the https://doctorsmm.com/ .
  • Poor awareness. It is impossible to develop a channel if there is no at least minimal knowledge of internet marketing. YouTube channel should be considered in the same way as an online store, your own website or thematic application. There are certain subtleties here, but the principles of promotion are always the same.
    Tip: self-promotion can take years – because of this, many entrepreneurs incur one expense and come to the conclusion that YouTube will not bring money. If you don’t want to repeat their experience, get ready to have to work very hard. But a much easier and more reliable way is to turn to professionals who will promote your channel.Working with YouTube, it is necessary to act consistently:

    • Make a content plan. To promote your channel on YouTube will be much harder if you improvise and come up with ideas for videos on the fly. Adapting to popular trends and listening to your audience is good, but you need to have at least a month’s worth of ideas.
    • Come up with your UTP – this is a unique selling proposition. In our context, it’s about the features that will make people watch you. New headings, quality, charisma – what of these can you give your audience?

    You can move on to YouTube channel design, optimization and advertising only when two of these points are fulfilled.

    YouTube channel design instructions

    Do not spare time, effort and money to work out the design of your channel – it will be used by the audience and viewers to distinguish you from other bloggers.

    • Add your personal icon so that it will be seen by YouTube and Google users when they look at search results for your query.
    • Add a background image, the so-called channel header. Its size is 2560×1440 pixels. The set image should correspond to the theme and convey to the viewer the essence of the channel.
    • Description of the channel – a mandatory condition in the design, it should not exceed a total of 1 thousand characters. Many people will not read it, it will not have an impact on the purchase of advertising. But competently placed keywords will help you to be displayed in the search, from where you will get some share of new subscribers.
    • Include links to your social networks. It is possible to add up to 5 links that users will see in the profile header.
    • You can specify additional links to channels, if you lead several thematic pages at once. For example, some video bloggers have 2 channels: the first one is used for posting the main content, and the second one is used as a liveblog.

    The second step is to compose the structure of the YouTube channel. Think about what kind of videos you feel comfortable working with? The five most popular genres:

    Create subsections, in them you can add clips, categorizing them by topic. This will help users to find the information they need faster.

    Remember that you can not do exclusively promote their products – the audience is not interested. Do reviews, attract influencers, talk about the latest news. Any mention of your services should be of benefit to people. According to statistics, most YouTube users visit the platform to learn something new.

    Choose a channel trailer from the available videos, but it is better to create it yourself. It will be played when the user gets to the channel. This is the business card of your channel. If you make a beautiful and informative trailer, the growth of audience and subscribers will accelerate.

    The third and last step is to create playlists. After a while, when your YouTube channel will have a large number of videos, subscribers will find it more convenient to search for videos not through search, but in playlists. In addition, they will appear in the search results, so increase your reach.

    Optimizing videos on YouTube

    Optimizing videos is the basis of promoting a YouTube channel. You can’t just post videos and hope for a miracle: the work doesn’t end after you’ve edited a video.

    Analyze each posted material on the channel: at what point viewers turned off the video, what presentation of information they like more, what is the average length of viewing. By the way, the site pays great attention to the last indicator. In order for your videos to get into the recommendations, not only viewer activity, but also their retention should be at the top. Five simple rules for video design:

    • Use original titles. Think of titles for your videos in a way that is relevant to what your target audience is interested in, but not too vague. For example, the headline “How you should shave” has the potential to bring in a large audience, but there are too many videos like this. You can do this in a variety of ways – talk about the best practices, unusual methods, etc.
    • Writing a description. Briefly describe the essence of the video, using keywords. Do not forget about tags and links to your social networks. It should briefly describe what the video is about and what useful information the user will learn during the viewing itself. You can insert links to resources in the video if you are advertising a brand or add hashtags. Use only relevant keys, but this does not apply to tags – you will not be banned for them. To see your competitors’ keywords, use the vidIQ Vision extension.
    • Create splash pages for each video. Beautiful splash pages attract attention, so you’ll have a better chance of your content being selected in searches.
    • Ask viewers to subscribe to your channel. At the end or beginning of each video, ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel, leave a like or comment. Many people respond to such requests.

    Use links in your video. For example, if you mention a past video, leave a link to it.

    When the videos are optimized, the channel is designed and there are plans for its further maintenance, you can start advertising your YouTube channel.

    Tip: most requests work unexpectedly well on YouTube. So don’t hesitate to ask for a subscription, a like, a link or a click on the “bell” (subscription to notifications). Just don’t go overboard: doing it 1-2 times is enough.

    YouTube channel advertising

    You should not advertise the channel until it has at least 3-5 clips. People who will come at the expense of advertising will want to see your creativity. Don’t forget about regular updates: those bits of user interest that you get will easily disappear if you disappear for a few weeks.

    Free methods of promotion will be suitable at the very beginning of your activity. It is quite enough to get a few hundred, and maybe thousands of new subscribers from YouTube channel advertising:

    • Posting on your website.
    • Mailing to subscribers by mail.
    • Placing links on thematic sites or blogs.
    • Mutual PR with other similarly aspiring bloggers.

    Actively commenting on YouTube videos of similar topics is a bad idea. Almost all of your comments will go straight to the spam garbage can. And the few remaining ones will bring in a few people at most. It is better to invest this time in another video for the channel.

    Paid methods of promoting YouTube channel will be suitable if you have already formed a certain base of subscribers and the first funds for promotion in the future:

    Running ads through Google search engine. Your videos will be shown along with the results of the issue on certain issues.

    Advertising on YouTube. It is divided into TrueView In-Stream and TrueView Discovery. In the first case, the ad will appear when the user watches other videos. It can be skipped only after some time. TrueView Discovery ads are shown on the search and browse pages. The ad unit displays the text and cover of the video.

    The more carefully you customize the targeting, the higher the clickability will be. By optimizing your ad campaign, you can continuously reduce the cost per subscriber.

    Tip: analytics is a task that should be handled by professionals. Without internet marketing knowledge, you won’t be able to optimize your campaigns. If it is important for you to get results as quickly as possible, we recommend not doing it yourself.

    When promoting through social media, you can go two ways:


    • Targeted advertising. In this case, advertising is “tailored” to the existing target audience. For example, by age, gender, interests, etc. Does not require large costs.
    • Buy advertising from bloggers of your topic. Choose groups based on their audience and activity. The more responsibly you approach the choice, the more subscribers you will get.

    Hard work will have to work in any case: for targeting need the most accurate hit in the interests of the audience, to buy advertising – analyzing the activity. It is better to combine these methods to distribute the advertising budget as effectively as possible.

    You can also promote yourself through bloggers on YouTube. It is easiest to find them through special exchanges, but you can try to negotiate and directly. The blogger will tell you about the product, leave a link to the channel, etc. – The terms of cooperation depend on your communication skills. Keep in mind that many bloggers are scrambling likes and comments, so take the choice carefully.

    The easiest way to determine the scoring is to check the comments. If there are too few of them or they are of the same type, you should think about cooperating with such a blogger. An example of the same type of comments:

    Tip: popularity is a heavy burden that changes most people. Therefore, negotiations with bloggers can be difficult, and it is almost impossible to achieve favorable terms. If you want to advertise with specific personalities, but do not know how to negotiate – ask for help from managers.


    YouTube channel promotion requires a comprehensive approach, which includes channel and video optimization, activity in social networks, promotion. It is necessary to carry out these actions continuously to attract as large an audience as possible.

    Advertising is a must if you don’t want to waste your entire video marketing budget. Remember the basic mistakes to avoid making them when running the channel.

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