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Maximizing Efficiency With SF6 Leak Camera Detectors

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Sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) is used at electric power plants as an insulator in circuit breakers and switchgear. It is odorless, colorless and nonflammable. It quenches electrical arcs and can survive long periods of high voltage. With the GasVue laser camera, Illinois Power saved $12,000 in comparison to conventional bubble testing by enabling inspectors to investigate SF6 leaks from safe distances and while equipment is still in service.

SF6 Leak Detector Camera

The power industry uses sulfur hexafluoride as an insulator in medium and high voltage equipment. The nontoxic gas effectively quenches arcs by splitting apart into its six fluorine atoms, which capture and absorb the errant electrons. But it’s also a potent greenhouse gas, so leaks from SF6-insulated equipment can jeopardize the continuity of power distribution and have negative consequences for the environment.

Using an optical gas imaging camera like the FLIR GF306 allows utility crews to detect and signal Sf6 leak camara detector, improving operator safety and protecting the environment. This type of inspection can be performed without the need to de-energize equipment or stop its operation, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Combining a top performing infrared camera with state-of-the-art SF6 gas detection into one compact and portable tool, the Ti450 SF6 makes it easy for field teams to conduct both critical inspections in a single device. This eliminates the need for costly rental charges or hiring contractors and lets companies schedule these inspections on demand.

SF6 Leak Detectors

Electric transmission companies use sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) as an insulating medium in high-voltage switchgear. Pure SF6 gas is very stable and nontoxic, and it effectively quenches electrical arcs by absorbing and discharging electrons, which prevents sparking between high-voltage components. Leaks in SF6 insulation systems cause costly downtime and contribute to ozone depletion.

Identifying leaks in SF6 insulation can be difficult, since it involves shutting down equipment and using a sniffer to locate the area of the leak. Other options include coating equipment in soapy water, which only identifies the approximate location of the leak, and requiring an outside consultant to perform a comprehensive inspection that can be expensive.

The handheld GasQuip Quicker Sniffer SF6 leak detector is the solution to these challenges. This elite leak detection device has a rugged infrared sensor that ensures pinpoint detection of even minute SF6 gas leaks. It also features a long battery life and large display that make it easy for technicians to read in any conditions, and a unique image subtraction video mode that helps to highlight hard-to-find leaks.

SF6 Leak Detector Software

SF6 is an important insulating gas used in high voltage power equipment. It is also a potent greenhouse gas that needs to be protected from leaks as much as possible in order to prevent disruptions to electrical services and the environment.

Using an infrared camera that can detect SF6 leaks is an efficient way to protect people, the environment and equipment. The Fluke IR-Fusion technology in this SF6 leak detector allows technicians to view both digital and infrared images simultaneously for more accuracy when pinpointing the source of an SF6 leak.

This SF6 sniffer is easy to use and can detect SF6 leaks with seven different sensitivity levels. It compensates for ambient influences such as temperature changes and movement of air in the room to detect SF6 leaks with ease. This SF6 leak sniffer comes with a study carrying case and is powered by two “C” cell alkaline batteries for convenient portability. WEgrid also offers a wide variety of other equipment and accessories for detecting SF6 leaks including a gas analyzer.

SF6 Leak Detector Accessories

The transmission and distribution industry relies on sulfur hexafluoride to insulate medium- and high-voltage equipment. The nontoxic, safe gas has excellent dielectric strength — its six fluorine atoms capture errant electrons during electrical discharges and then recombine to prevent arcing. But over time, contaminants contaminate the compartments, reducing its insulating power. WEgrid’s range of SF6 leak detection and gas analysis equipment ensure that the quality of this critical material is maintained.

Handheld SF6 leak detectors can be used to quickly trace a small leak in ambient air. They are easy to use, operate in a variety of sensitivity levels and feature clearly displayed data and audible alarms. The portable devices also clear themselves rapidly, even after detecting large leaks.

The SF6 Gas Room Monitor is a continuous testing instrument that can monitor up to 16 separate zones, providing the longest sampling distance in the industry. It features a simple, user-friendly front panel display and offers the ability to store up to 200 previous analyses.


Sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) is widely used as an insulating gas for high-voltage power equipment around the world. SF6 leaks can severely impact the safe and stable operation of equipment. Furthermore, as a greenhouse gas it is extremely potent. Existing methods for detecting SF6 leaks are time consuming and require the equipment to be shut down. This paper introduces a temporal-spatial feature fusion network for autonomous real-time SF6 leak detection.

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