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How To Use Quizzzz And Qiuzziz Together

Quizizz is an interactive quiz platform that operates like a game show. It allows teachers to create a quiz, share it with students, and see real-time student performance. It also includes a variety of features to encourage student engagement and collaboration.

Its features include fun meme feedback and music choices that can be customized for a specific class or lesson. It can also be used to promote healthy competition with leaderboards and question timers that can be turned off if needed.

Quiz Creation

Quizizz is an easy-to-use, free-to-use tool that teachers can use to conduct student-paced formative assessments. The website’s database contains a huge amount of pre-made quizzes, and instructors can easily add their own questions or teleport them from other publicly available ones. It also offers a variety of options to help students review their answers and identify areas they need more reinforcement.

After a teacher creates a quiz, they can choose to play it live in class or assign it as homework. Once students answer the quiz in either mode, the instructor receives detailed class-level and student-level insights for every question. Teachers can use this feedback to help them identify areas where students need additional work and plan individualized interventions.

To make a quiz, log into your student account and select the ‘Create a quiz’ tab on the top left. Enter a name for the quiz and select its topic. You can then select the desired question formats, including multiple choice, checkbox, fill-in-the-blank, open ended, draw, and poll. When you are done, hit ‘Finish Quiz’ to save it.

Like other popular gamified quizzes such as Kahoot, Quizalize, and Blooket, Quizizz allows instructors to create games that feature images as answer options and personalized feedback for their students. Teachers can also set time limits for each question and restrict the number of possible answers. They can also add music to their quizzes, create questions with math symbols, and customize the look of the game’s background. They can even add meme-style feedback to their quizzes, which makes the site stand out from its competitors. The resulting games are more fun and engaging than traditional quizzes, and students will enjoy reviewing their results after the fact.


The Polling capabilities of qiuzziz allow you to gather feedback from participants in a meeting or webinar by creating single-choice or multiple-choice polling questions. You can also create advanced polling with dropdown, matching, ranked choice, and short and long answer options. You can even set correct answers to turn the poll into a quiz. The results of a poll are available after the meeting by default, but can be made live during the session. You can also conduct a poll anonymously to collect participant information without collecting their names and email addresses.

The most popular type of poll is the rating scale. In this type of poll, participants are asked to rate a statement or topic on a scale that ranges from 1-10. You can also adjust the ends of the scale to indicate what each option represents. For example, you can label the options “Not likely” and “Extremely likely.”

To add a question to a poll, click Add Choice or Add Row, Column, Add Prompt, or Add Answer (depending on the type of poll you’re creating). You can also edit a previously created poll by clicking the pencil icon. You can upload an image to display to poll participants if enabled by admin. You can also select the checkbox next to Required to ensure that a question must be answered before a participant can submit poll answers.

When you’re ready to launch the poll, hover over the question and click Launch Poll. Participants will be prompted to answer the poll questions and you can view their responses live. If you want to stop the poll, click End Poll.


qiuzziz is a digital learning tool that integrates gamification to make the training process more interesting and engaging. This software enables users to create interactive quizzes and polls and offers features such as real-time feedback, leaderboards, and game mechanics. It also comes with an administration portal that lets managers track and improve employee performance. This software can boost internal communication and increase employee motivation.

The use of gamification in education has become a popular method for encouraging student engagement. This method has been proven to have positive effects on both extrinsic and intrinsic motivation (Rahayu & Purnawarman, 2020). It is also an effective way to increase students’ satisfaction with their learning experiences. In addition, it can help teachers identify students’ problems with their learning processes and provide them with immediate feedback.

Gamification leverages human motivation and desire for achievement, status, and higher scores to inspire people to take action. This translates into increased productivity and better user experience, especially in e-learning. It can also boost engagement by incorporating rewards and goal setting. For example, a company can reward employees with badges for completing certain tasks or for winning games. It can also offer leaderboards to encourage competition and teamwork.

The present study aims to investigate the effect of Quizizz-based gamification on students’ mathematics learning. This qualitative research uses structured interviews with 16 teachers. The results suggest that the teachers perceived the gamification as a useful tool to support students’ online learning process. However, the teachers’ opinions on the gamification elements were not aligned with the research hypothesis. They considered the elements important in improving students’ mathematical concepts understanding, but they did not think that gamification could help students feel saturation.

Meme Editing

Memes are an effective way to communicate a message or idea. They typically include a photo or video, a block of text, and a punchline that catches the audience’s attention. You can use qiuzziz’s meme maker to customize an existing meme or create your own from scratch. The platform lets you add custom resizable text, images, stickers, drawings, and other customizations to templates. You can also upload your own meme template or choose from more than 1 million user-uploaded meme templates.

Qiuzziz is a unique quiz-making software that combines concepts from many different areas. It allows users to search for tests and lessons by grade (Elementary to University), subjects, languages, and number of questions. It is also possible to search for test content by keyword.


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