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What is Zorbing and How Safe Is It?

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The United Kingdom is being overtaken by a spectacular, fresh, and exciting adrenaline thrill ride. Zorbing is the name of the new thrilling coaster. Other names for it include sphering and zorbing. Rolling down a steep slope in an enormous iatable ball is known as zorbing. Either you’re swimming around inside the ball or you’re literally turning over.

Using an enormous iated ball with another table ball inside is known as zorbing. Hundreds of various ropes keep the two balls together and connect them. You are rolled down a steep hill while inside the orb or ball. To give the Orb even more action, a course is frequently set up for the ball to follow that features curves and twists. You can travel at a speed of up to 30 mph within an orb while flipping and flopping.

Various Types of Zorbing

You can experience four various types of zorbing, including harness, aqua, eclipse, and air zorbing. To engage in harness zorb football, one must be fastened to the interior of the orb. You’ve attached your hands and feet firmly to the sphere. You literally tumble over your heels as you roll down the hill. A pail of soapy water is placed within the orb for aqua zorbing. You splash and splish around while inside the sphere because it is not holding you in place.

Typically, you slide about on the inside ball as the orb travels down the slope. Eclipse zorbing is similar to harness zorbing, but it’s completely black instead of allowing you to see where you’re going. In eclipse zorbing, the orb is wrapped in a material that turns the interior entirely black. Without knowing which way to go, you roll down the hill. Air zorbing is the last variety of zorbing. In that you employ a ball or orb, air zorbing is identical to the other varieties of zorbing. The difference between this method and the others is that you don’t actually roll at all. The sphere is in a wind tunnel in this instance. In the wind tunnel, top speeds exceeding 150 mph are possible. The sphere is propelled into the air and floats while you can turn, spin, and flip inside of it. Definitely a fun flight.

There are many locations in the UK where one can go zorbing. Both aqua zorbing and harness zorbing are available in at least six locations each. The same equipment is needed for harness zorbing and aqua zorbing, therefore there may be more locations than you think. There is only one location in the UK where you may go air zorbing, and that is in Buckinghamshire.

Consider zorbing if you’re seeking for a new exciting thrill trip. There are many favorable reviews about zorbing and the adrenaline boost it provides. Finally, given the costs of other adrenaline-filled activities, it is supplied at a fair price.

Games Zone Offers Body Zorbing

Don’t worry if you’re wondering what Body Zorbing is—nothing it’s nefarious! The best course of action is to conduct a Google search to learn more about body zorbing. In a nutshell, a body zorb is an iated ball with a diameter of around 1.5 meters in which you can run around while partially climbing in to protect your body and head.

You may barge and bump into your pals, fall to the ground, and do somersaults without getting wounded because it acts as a protective shell. This activity will undoubtedly make you feel like a kid again, is a lot of fun, and is presently only available at one location.

Body zorbing sumo, or as the staff at Games Zone likes to refer to it, Zorbo, is yet another entertaining activity that can be played with bubble football.

Similar to sumo, zorbo is played with players donning protective body zorb balls. To win, you must force your opponent to the ground or out of the ring. Do you possess the agility, power, and talent necessary to defeat your friends?


The clubhouse, also known as the 19th hole, is a sizable outdoor seating area with a dartboard, drinks, refreshments, and excellent customer service. There are other complimentary activities available, such as darts, petanque, and flying power kites.

If you’re on vacation and feel like taking up a drinking challenge, Games Zones provides a ton of suggestions!

Snacks are offered, but for a full meal, visit one of the many seaside restaurants within a short walk that serve top-notch Thai food and seafood.

The Games Zone is situated in Chalong on Soi Palai, Chaofa (East) Road. On the same street, it is extremely close to the Zoo. 500 meters after passing  Zoo, turn left; the next 300 meters are on the left. You ought to be able to locate them because they have a sizable street sign.


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